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How To Find The Perfect Page Boy Suits

How To Find The Perfect Page Boy Suits

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Finding outfits for your bridal and grooms party members can be a headache, read our tips below for finding the perfect formal wear for your wedding’s youngest members!


What do you need to know for sizing?

Little kids grow so fast and trying to find the right size can be a nightmare, especially for formal, tailored outfits. So what measurements do you need to know before purchasing?

It is important to know the child’s height, from the top of his head to his feet, waist line, chest and neck. This will give an accurate picture for the correct sizing and tailoring of the outfit.

If you expect them to have a growth spurt before the wedding it might be worth building a little bit of leeway into your measurements before placing your order, this could prevent any issues with short sleeves or too tight wait lines further on down the track.

It’s easier to take clothes in then let them out!


Finding the right colour and style

When searching for the perfect page boy suits it’s important to take into consideration your needs for colour and style. By now you’ve probably already picked out your wedding colours and theme so you’ve probably got something in mind.

A common thing that a lot of brides do is colour matching or style matching their page boy suits with the groom’s party.

If you’re not looking to match then you might want to consider something seasonally appropriate that will be comfortable to wear – it can be a long day for small boys after all!

Consider if you want an outfits that it two piece or three piece, or whether you might want a bowtie.

Others important considerations might be the level of formality of your wedding, is it black tie or cocktail? The page boy suits you pick out depend entirely on the look you are hoping to achieve.


Who should pay for page boy suits?

This can be an uncomfortable topic. Weddings can be very expensive and there is a lot to pay for ahead of the big day, for some brides the added expense of page boy suits can be unaffordable.

Some parents attending the wedding might offer to pay for the outfits, but if not you might need to reach a compromise. If this is something you want to insist on or feel you must have for your big day then you might need to be responsible for part or all of the costs, it is reasonable though to request that parents help out with some of the costs or accessories.

If the parents cannot afford the cost of the outfit, then you must be prepared to have them withdraw the child from your wedding party.


What should you do if you’re on a budget?

If you’re on a tight budget and trying to afford purchasing page boy outfits, seek out online sales and bargains. There are a lot of retailers that will update their collections seasonally, older stock will likely go on sale at the end of popular wedding seasons. Do a search at the end of spring or summer and you are likely to find some bargains.


Get them to try them on

It is important when purchasing apparel for your big day that you get kids to try their outfits on. Small children are not usually used to wearing formal outfits, and a long day in a scratchy page boy suit might lead to a crying child and an inopportune moment.

Make sure they’re comfortable and able to move freely in their outfit before committing to it for your special day.