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How to Find a Good Local Doctor

How to Find a Good Local Doctor

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When searching for a GP near me, you want to find someone that you can trust. One of the most important aspects of the healthcare experience is the relationship between doctor and patient.

The internet and social media have made it easier than ever to access GP near me reviews and to share medical experiences. As a result, people are more selective with which medical centre and doctor they choose to see.

A good doctor is one that is experienced, patient, trustworthy, respectful, honest, transparent and communicative.


Here are some top tips for finding the best doctor in your region:

Know what makes a good doctor

Being a great GP near me requires more than just having good university grades. It involves possessing a combination of qualities like being a good listener, having a caring personality, and being curious and patient. Here are some of the main qualities that a good doctor will possess:

Strong communication skills

Possessing strong communication skills is arguably one of the most important aspects of being a good doctor. Doctors who interrupt their patients without letting them fully explain their situation are often perceived as rude, uncaring or arrogant. A GP near me who gives their patients time to speak and who doesn’t overuse medical terminology will be seen as more caring and reliable. Doctors who really listen are also better able to understand their patient’s concerns and are better equipped to treat their patients properly and empower them to improve their health.


Rather than jumping straight to a diagnosis, curious doctors will explore all possible avenues of a patient’s symptoms and concerns. They should be willing to take the time to do extra research in order to make an accurate diagnosis and ease their patient’s worries.


A good GP near me should be organised and diligent in dealing with details. This means they should be able to fully inform patients of their situation and options, give them a clear plan of action, ensure they get any necessary screening tests done and be sure to follow up on the results.

Caring, personable and respectful personality

All too often, patients report feeling like they have been treated with indifference by their doctor. Doctors who treat their patients with respect, warmth and kindness tend to have better relationships with their patients. Doctors who ask open-ended questions, are genuinely interested in their patients as individuals, and who are active listeners are ideal.

Advocating for patients

The best GP near me will be an advocate for their patients, ensuring that they connect them with the most suitable specialists and help them acquire the prescriptions they need. The doctor should be willing to go the distance to ensure that patients have the best healthcare experience possible.


How to find one


Some methods for finding a great doctor are better than others. Social media and website reviews are easily faked, so they may not be as reliable as other methods. Here are some alternatives:

Use an online registry

Accredited online registries can be a great way to find a GP near me. Compile a list and then narrow it down based on your needs and preferences. You may want to consider factors such as a doctor’s location, qualifications, specialty areas, years of experience, languages spoken and types of insurance they offer.

Ask hospital staff

Hospital employees are more likely to have the inside scoop on who the best doctors are (as well as having firsthand experience in dealing with them). So the next time you’re at a hospital, ask a staff member for a recommendation.