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Why Modern Companies Utilize Anaplan Solutions in 2019

Why Modern Companies Utilize Anaplan Solutions in 2019


Anaplan solutions offer an intelligent, collaborative and extensive business software package that will help organisations achieve their targets in 2019.

With cloud-based technology now becoming commonplace across all sectors who need to cut down on storage concerns and run an efficient enterprise, this is a brand that is making great strides in the commercial sector.

There are still packages on offer at a cut down price that can manage basic tasks for finance experts, marketers and engineers, but they will usually arrive with minimal customer support, lacking quality infrastructure or overcomplicating insights and reporting.

This is why it modern companies invest in a product that offers essential guarantees and flexibility.

Here we will take a closer glance at what this brand can offer businesses in the current landscape.


User-Friendly Operating Model

The drag and click format with Anaplan solutions ensures that almost any employee from any profession can learn to use this system for their own purposes. With all memory calculated into the cloud, there is no real need to manually upload and save alterations to spreadsheets and documents like other providers. In this respect companies do not need to spend multiple hours training and educating employees about the application, allowing those professionals to cater to their main source of expertise.


Fast and Efficient Process

Time is money in the business work and the inclusion of Anaplan solutions into a corporate environment is geared to tackling that challenge head-on. The use of the cloud ensures that data is kept and stored in a location that won’t act as a drain on hard drives. The built-in intelligence apparatus is just what the doctor ordered for those that want their changes to be rapid and the interface to work on command.


Internal Business System For Company Use

Business software packages can come a dime a dozen where there is a generic use for the application. These are instances where enterprises can feel frustrated, seeing developers, analysts, engineers and programmers having to bypass the system to use it correctly. Anaplan solutions allows for a complete and comprehensive customized dashboard, empowering workers and department officials to alter, include and exclude elements that are applicable to their unique business circumstances.


Extends Into Multiple Departments

Anaplan solutions can be used initially through a ‘soft launch’ whereby one department learns the application and intricacies before being rolled out across the organisation. Also known as Integrated Business Planning or IBP for short, this is a means of synchronizing the entire workplace through a model that utilises real time data and allows each department to fulfill their potential. From the sales team to accounting or from marketing to warehouse management, there is no sector that cannot take advantage of this software system.


Superior to Cognos Product

While there are some unique advantages to the IBM Cognos package, it is clear that modern companies see more value in what Anaplan solutions has to offer. Devoid of any access control, audit trail, version control, reporting and statistics, collaboration outlets or activity dashboard, the IBM equivalent falls short on some fundamental features that 2019 organisations need to make use of. With a deluge of interfaces and a self-service model that is comfortably behind their competing brands, these two heavyweights are often compared and it makes sense that Anaplan would emerge victorious.



Companies are welcome to use a business software package that suits their own unique requirements. Yet for those that want to operate under modern guidelines and performance expectations, then Anaplan solutions has the capacity to enhance productivity and build on the momentum that has been created by a company culture.