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Timeless date stamps

Timeless date stamps

Timeless date stamps-

Times might change but whilst ever there is paperwork, there is going to be a need for date stamps.

Whether you are looking for a standard product for invoicing or legal documents, a speedy and automated date stamp for ticketing or an eye-catching custom print for flyers or promotional material, there is a range of date stamps available to meet your needs.

Here’s a list of the range of date stamps that you will be able to find on the market

Ink pad products are your traditional style that requires inking in a pad prior to use. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and customized styles.

Here is a look at a few:

Local Style

These are a traditional adjustable style products you will see which along with adjusting the day, it also allows you a blank space with access to adjustable lettering.

Whether you are looking to mark and initial, leave a full name or an important message, you will have it all right there along with the time, month and year bands to leave your permanent mark on a piece of documentation.

Double date stamps

Date stamps

As the name suggests these are products with two adjustable bands which allow you to set a window or timeframe for the piece of paperwork in question.

These are the perfect date stamp to use on coupons or tickets or anything that has an expiring range.

That can also be made with a customized message at the top, bottom or on both lines.

Single and Double bridge

If you need to add a customized message to your date stamp, a single bridge product gives you a line bridged across the top of the paper for that.

Likewise with double products, you can carry a message on both bridges above and below the marking.

Line products

Line products are a single line marker that simply carries the time, month and year all on one singular line.

These come in a variety of sizes from very small for ticketing and coupons, to regular size for paperwork, or extra large if you are looking to imprint a marking on the outside of packaging or for wall posters.

Self inking products

Self inking products are the most popular type of date stamps on the market. They have an inbuilt ink pad making them cleaner and more efficient to use and generally leave a sharper marking upon a document.

Like inking products, they too come in a range of styles.

Here’s a look at a few:

Office marker

These are your small, round products, Being small and self inking they are great for teachers, people involved in ticketing or events or anyone looking for a simple efficient way to make their mark.

Metal framed products

These are a refillable product that comes with a rigid yet comfortable metal frame.

Given the life expectancy on a refillable product, it is a wise idea to purchase one with a metallic frame especially if it is going to be used outdoors or passed around in a factory setting.

Multicoloured products

These are at the high end of the date stamp market but for good reason.

Multicoloured products leave a bright and eye catching marking and are great for use with promotional flyers, ticketing or other forms of advertising material where you need your date stamp to really stand out and make an impression.

These are just a small sample of the great range of classic and customizable date stamps that are on the market today, so why not take a look?