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Things To Know When Engaging Domestic Violence Lawyers In Sydney

Things To Know When Engaging Domestic Violence Lawyers In Sydney

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Issues of household and family abuse are obviously very common in family court in Sydney, leading to a great deal of harm both emotionally and physically. If you are facing this kind of issue in metropolitan New South Wales, you should immediately seek the help of experienced and reputable domestic violence lawyers in Sydney.

However, it’s important that you have a full picture of the crime, the circumstances surrounding it and how it is classified under Australian law. This will help you to choose a practitioner who is the best possible fit for your case.

Solicitors come in all different shapes and sizes, so you need to qualify your leads before you throw your money at any one person. In order to give you case the best chance of success, you need to try and secure the best domestic violence lawyers in Sydney that you possibly can.


What is DV?

DV stands for domestic violence and is a very serious issue in modern society that is unfortunately, by its very nature, difficult to police and investigate when compared with other physical crimes. This is because the majority of DV occurs in family homes between spouses and/or children, making it more difficult for victims to A. acknowledge their victimhood and B. seek appropriate help.

DV often becomes cyclical in nature and involves many complex emotions. It is possible for a wife to continue loving her husband even while he physically abuses her, and issues of sexual consent and marital rape are difficult to identify and prove.

Therefore, those experiencing this need to engage a professional domestic violence lawyers in Sydney who can help you find the right path forward in order to protect your safety and future. DV should always be taken very seriously and there’s no reason to delay seeking professional assistance.


What types of DV are there?

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Before engaging domestic violence lawyers in Sydney, it’s good to know what kind of DV you are experiencing. The impact of this issues on both victims and perpetrators are far-reaching and difficult to undo. Sometimes years of therapy are needed to overcome severe cases.

These are the following types of DV:

Physical: Acts of physical abuse such as hitting, shoving, slapping and other actions that may or may not involve weapons;

Sexual: Forced sexual behaviour ranging from unwanted contact to sexual assault and rape. Involves forced acts on perpetrator or others that leads to pain and humiliation;

Emotional: Actions that work deliberately to reduce your confidence and ability to stand up for yourself (breaking an item you cherish for example). This also includes threats made to you.

Economic: When an abusive partner controls your financial independence and uses access to money as a means of controlling your behaviour.

Social: When an abusive partner controls your relationships and associations, including who you spend time with and ever when you are allowed to leave the house.

Obviously, if you are experiencing any one or multiple of the above types of abuse then you should seek counsel from experienced domestic violence lawyers in Sydney. The sooner you seek help, the sooner the damage can be reversed, and you can get back to living a fulfilled life, free from abuse.

While it can often seem like there is no way to escape your abuser, seeking help from friends, family and domestic violence lawyers in Sydney can rescue you from a hopeless situation.