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How To Save Money On Food When You Purchase From Supermarkets?

How To Save Money On Food When You Purchase From Supermarkets?


The biggest mistake that you make is to assume that you are a smart shopper when you head to a supermarket. Well, supermarkets have lot of tricks under the sleeve to manipulate the customers. Unless you are aware of Coles times of opening, best shopping hours and other tricks, you will be subjected to their manipulation.

Well, there is couple of tips which everyone is after. These are very popular tricks. They work for sure, but might not work in all cases. For instances smart shoppers usually buy items from the perimeter. They avoid the packaged stuff. If you wish to avoid crowd then you may go in the morning. Or you can go late night as well. Well, you can outsmart supermarkets if you really wish to. We can definitely help you with the same. Let’s have a look at couple of important tips below:


  • woman inside a grocery storeClockwise movement – When you head to the supermarkets, you will notice that their strategy is centered on leading you on in the clockwise direction. Of course, there are benefits to this trick. How about moving in anti-clockwise direction for a change? Well, we recommend that.


  • Did you come across group of unrelated products? – Well, these days many supermarkets try this trick. Instead of trying to group similar products they go for unrelated products. What are they trying to achieve here? Well, they want you to be tired of searching after a while and pick whatever you come across. The thing you keep in mind here is that the items you purchase here might not be cheap since you are unable to compare it with similar products. However, this is a fairly new trick in the trade which is not that apparent yet.


  • The size of the carts! – Have you noticed that the size of the carts get increased over time? Have you considered the possibility that may be they are shaming us into buying more products by doing so? Well, you need to keep in mind that there is no pressure on you to fill the push cart. You don’t have to give into the psychological tricks played by the supermarket.


  • The items are no longer in their place! – Yes, supermarkets have the tendency to change the location of items every once in a while. This might make it hard for you to locate them, forcing you to look around for it. Eventually you will end up buying more products a result. One has to be aware of this trick so that you will not fall for this.


  • Is angle an important aspect? – Apparently the answer is YES when it comes to supermarket shopping. They usually keep promoted products in the endcaps section. Those products can be really expensive. It can be a distraction. Therefore, one needs to pay attention. They place the product in such a manner that you will notice it as soon as you enter the store. Most customers fall for this trick. As long as you are careful, you will not have to worry about this. You need to only buy items which are the list you have prepared.