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How To Hire A Team Of Criminal Lawyers In Melbourne

How To Hire A Team Of Criminal Lawyers In Melbourne


Hiring a team of solicitors to handle your case can be a very tough decision, particularly if you have never needed legal representation before. If you are in a healthy financial position, then you are probably well equipped to hire a group of criminal lawyers in Melbourne as your legal team. It’s important that you take time and consideration when hiring a legal team, since there are so many options out there. So, if you’re ever in need of legal counsel, regardless of the complexity of the matter, make sure you follow this comprehensive guide.


Hop on the internet

If you have just been charged with a serious misdemeanour, it can be easy to fall into a trap of depression and shame. However, you need to be proactive during this time. Do a google search of ‘criminal lawyers in Melbourne’ and start checking out some of your viable options. Don’t just go for the firm with the nicest website or catchy, misleading slogans. Weigh up ALL of your alternatives before moving forward.


Reputation and experience

group of lawyers

The legal framework can be confusing. As a result, you need a team of criminal lawyers in Melbourne with a plethora of experience, well-versed in the current system. On top of this, you want solicitors who are well respected in the field. Be sure to check out any online reviews they have and go from there. Be aware, however, that some websites use fake reviews to bolster their reputation and improve their favourability in the public sphere.


Organise a meeting

After flicking through all the criminal lawyers in Melbourne, it’s now time to make a list of the select few that you believe are the best options for you. Narrow it down to about half a dozen. After this, start making some calls to set up some meetings. You should never enlist the services of a legal firm without having convened or spoken with members from the business in person.


Tips for meeting

Throughout your meetings with criminal lawyers in Melbourne, you need to be clarifying any concerns you have regarding your case. Make sure you are aware of their payment options; some solicitors may offer their services on a ‘no win, no fee’ policy, whereas others may offer them free of charge order to gain exposure.

Make sure you listen to your prospective solicitors as they are experts in the field. You want honest feedback regarding the viability of your case and where perhaps it will end up. It’s important to note that you are not legally required to enlist their services after the meeting. Don’t feel pressured at all. If you’re not happy with them, just don’t follow up.


Red flags

When meeting with criminal lawyers in Melbourne, you need to be on the lookout for any red flags or warning signs that they are not the right solicitor for you. Firstly, if the solicitor is late to their meeting with you, this is definitely not a good start. Likewise, if they are constantly interrupting you or being interrupted by phone calls from other clients, then it is clear they are not properly invested in your case. It also displays a great deal of unprofessionalism.

Furthermore, criminal lawyers in Melbourne that come across as overly optimistic or disingenuous should be treated with caution. You want someone who is going to be honest with you about the chances of your case in the court room. The last thing you want to be fed is false optimism and hope, when the best thing you can hope for is possibly a plea bargain.