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Client Tips For Seeking Out an Arborist Report For Their Property

Client Tips For Seeking Out an Arborist Report For Their Property


Home and business owners who are scouring the market for a certified arborist report will be spoiled for choice.

These expert practitioners will arrive on site ready with their equipment and analysis tools to determine how the environment is behaving, what hazards are evident and which sound landscaping practices should be instigated to protect all parties.

If there is a demolition project, building development or simply a need for a certified arborist report for an outdoor location, these are the operators to contact.

For those who will be in the position of acting as the client, there are some helpful tips that will make the search for a specialist a little easier to reach.

Access Multiple Quotes

The great news is that a client does not have to be forced or boxed into a choice for an arborist report that is not suitable or applicable to their budget or their circumstances. These practitioners are diverse in the marketplace and cater to a variety of community members, both from a residential and commercial standpoint. An obligation-free quote should be part of the initial package and for consumers who survey the landscape and determine which brand is commensurate with their needs and budget, they can make a more educated call. Take a gauge of the temperature of this process and see which quote is more applicable.

Be Aware of the Timeframes

There are not hard and fast rules on the length of time that an arborist report will take as it will de dependent on a number of simultaneous elements around the property. From the trees to the soil types, potential hazards, proximity to the house or office and external influences including weather conditions and traffic, they will all have a role to play. Yet the industry expectation for a client is to receive the final assessment within 5-10 working days and to have that document completed and ready to be submitted. Horticulture experts and arborists are in no position to rush through their work and expedite the process artificially simply because it is convenient for the client, so patience and pre-planning has to be engaged to ensure a smooth practice.

Tangible Solutions and Suggestions Offered

Some of the findings issued through an arborist report will necessitate the removal of a tree if it is deemed as a risk to the native environment and for roads and neighbours within the area. Then there will be other issues that pertain inside the realms of the property where there is a further level of discretion that can be enjoyed on behalf of the client. This will include root damage, broken branches, infestation of soil and disease to structural positioning of vegetation according to light and water exposure. Without confusing the client too much, there should be a plan that is communicated where effective strategies are implemented to solve the problem directly and proactively.

Local Reputation and Local Knowledge Key

To ensure that the client is protected by receiving the most appropriate arborist report they can, it is vital that they source a practitioner who enjoys a healthy reputation and knowledge of the local terrain. These experts will be making judgments and running assessments based on categories and species of trees, grass and soil types – each of which correlate to their geography. If they are a proven performer and understand the native terrain, they will enjoy a stellar reputation by local constituents as there won’t be a need to educate themselves on the environment around them. The arborist report will be easily sourced and direct action can be executed with that foundation of local knowledge and expertise.