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Can Save the Date Cards Simply Be Replaced with a Facebook Invite?

Can Save the Date Cards Simply Be Replaced with a Facebook Invite?

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In modern times, social media has become a replacement for so many different things. People use Facebook to play games, to contact people, and even as a way to reach their customers. The news can be read on social media, people can find local businesses, as well as so much more.

Another great thing that people are able to do is to send invites. This could be something small like an intimate games night or it could be to something more extravagant like a birthday or graduation party. Whatever the type of event may be, there are many benefits to doing things this way.

For instance, people are able to save themselves a great deal of money by not having to send out printed invitations. When people get married for instance, they will need to send out engagement party notifications, bachelorette party notifications, buck’s night notifications, as well as save the date cards. Not only can this quickly add up but this also costs the environment as well.

While this may seem like the perfect option, some people may still be wanting the full experience when they are getting married and so will be curious to know is save the date cards can simply be replaced with a Facebook invite?


Printed save the date cards can seem more personal

When people receive a Facebook notification, it can sometimes feel like more of a nuisance rather than something positive. This is because people are receiving notifications all day and can become quickly burned out by them. When someone receives something in the mail, however, it can feel like a bit of a treat.

Furthermore, it can feel a little more personal when couples send save the date cards in the mail. People can also easily see who else is invited to the event on Facebook which can often be a cause for anxiety. A great way for guests to feel special and calm is by sending something personalized and printed.

On top of all of this, when people receive something in the mail they are able to put it somewhere they can clearly see every day like on their fridge. This will make it less likely that they will forget the details and so can easily schedule it in their calendar. It can also be a fun little thing for them to look at.


Not everyone out there uses Facebook

While most people in this day and age do use social media, there are still a select few who do not. This could be an elderly relative or someone who simply prefers to not use it. In order to ensure that everyone can receive the necessary information, it can be a wise move to send save the date cards via the mail.

In addition to this, people may have relatives who like to hang on to this stuff as a keep sake. For instance, a grand mother may like to put together scrap books for all of their grandchildren. Similarly, people may like to hang on to their save the date cards so that they can show their already existing children or future children.



Because life can sometimes be so short, it can be nice to hang on to these types of things so that people can look back on some of the happiest moments of their life. Having said this, people are more than welcome to use Facebook invites if they are already going to be taking pictures on the day. At the end of the day, it is really up to the person at hand.