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3 Ways To Bring SEO Into Your Facebook Marketing

3 Ways To Bring SEO Into Your Facebook Marketing

3 Ways To Bring SEO Into Your Facebook Marketing

SEO has become all-important for businesses looking to reach out to new customers because of the amount of time people spend on the Internet researching products and services before making a final purchase. If you haven’t considered Facebook marketing before, you may want to consider asking your Melbourne SEO agency about it because it has a bigger impact on your SEO efforts than you think.

What Does Facebook For SEO?

Facebook can positively impact your SEO campaign with a number of benefits:

  • It builds more links to your website and content through more social shares.
  • It helps to direct more traffic from social pages to your website.
  • It helps to communicate your messages to a wider audience.
  • It helps to boost visibility through effective use of keywords.
  • It promotes lower bounce rates over a period of time as more people engage with your content.

These Facebook marketing strategies will help to eventually boost your search rankings on Google and other engines, which is why they become important as part of your SEO efforts.

Best Practices To Use Facebook Marketing For SEO

If you’re looking to build your SEO via Facebook marketing, follow these best practices:

Use Keywords In Your Facebook Content

Optimising your social media content by using keywords relevant to your business can help to boost visibility within the network. So why should you use keywords in your Facebook content?

  • It helps more people find your pages when they type in relevant keywords.
  • It helps a more relevant audience engage with your content – translating into easier conversions for your business.
  • It encourages people to visit your website to look for more specific information they may need.

Creating a Facebook page for your business allows you to describe it so make sure you use keywords that are relevant to the audience you want to target for eventual conversions. The right keywords will make your page more visible – which will push up your SEO rankings.

Detail Information About Your Business On The Page

Users tend to view incomplete Facebook pages suspiciously, especially when it comes to buying products and services, so make sure you detail out as much information about your business as possible. Here are some details you will want to include on your Facebook page:

  • Address – your exact location will help genuine customers find you if needed.
  • Contact information – this enables people to call or write to you when engaging with your business.
  • Business hours – this enables people to know your working hours in case they need to visit your premises.
  • Link to website – you must have a website linked to your page so people can access it for more information when needed.

Your address will also index your Facebook page for local searches, which makes it easier for people to find you in the area. Furnishing your Facebook page with all this information showcases how genuine your business is. When people are able to access information about a business easily and openly, they are more trusting of what you have to offer.

Make Sure Every Piece Of Social Content Has A Call To Action

Sharing your content on Facebook just isn’t enough in a competitive industry where everyone is probably doing the same. You need people to click on your website so every piece of content must have an engaging call to action – whether it is a special offer, a freebie, a social share or something else. Consider the following:

  • Make sure the call to action is specific and clearly written so the user knows exactly what to do next.
  • Make sure the call to action is prominently displayed so the user doesn’t miss it when skimming through your Facebook content.
  • Create a compelling incentive for users to follow your call to action so they do exactly what you want.

Getting social media users to follow through on your call to action will help to create more engagement for your business, which in turn will push up your SEO rankings. No matter what your desired call to action is, make sure it clearly tells people what you need them to do for the best results.

There is a strong relationship between good Facebook marketing and higher SEO rankings, which is why you cannot afford to miss out on it as part of your overall digital marketing strategy.